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USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Staff had the opportunity to test the Blauer’s Clash Boot. The lacing system, named BOA lacing system, carries a lifetime guarantee and is the best lacing system I have even seen. It is so easy to operate and secures the boot comfortably and quickly, I wished I had this lacing system on my boots during combat operations.


These boots were tested in the heat of the Arizona desert where boots are sometimes considered more of a determent than a necessity. As your body temps rises any extra weight, especially on your feet feel like concrete. The Blauer boots, were lightweight and as I became more and more tired, I forgot about these boots being on my feet. Even in camp, where I am a custom to putting my sneakers on, these boots stayed on my feet and improved my safety from snakes and other critters.

The BOA lacing system decreases the time required to secure or unsecure these boots. It is comprised of a stainless steel cable that is adjustable with a control mechanism. Two or three turns on this mechanism and presto done. We did test this lacing system against a boot with zippers and it beat the  zipper boot 5 out of 6 times and the added extra, there is no zippers to jam or break.


During a Arizona Haboo and monsoon, these boots were able to prove their waterproof reputation, and did it well. These boots were in 6” of flowing water for over an hour and the feet were dry. Even in the water I was able to maintain my traction, except for when I tripped over some of the large rocks being wash down the hill. But I did feel the ankle support of the boot doing its job and ensuring I did not twist the ankle.


The only downfall of this boot is that it did not come with either steel toes or a composite toe, making this a boot not for industrial use. I have been ensured by the good people at Blauer, that a composite toe boot with the BOA lacing system is on the drawing board and will be hitting the market soon. Then this boot would be perfect for the individual who needs to be able to secure their boots within 15 seconds, i.e. firefighters, EMTs, emergency personnel, etc.


Because of the lightweight and waterproof design, plus the exceptional traction makes this a great outdoor / hiking boot around. The traction and ankle support will make navigating the outdoor dips and crevasses easy, and without injuries.


The Blauer Clash boots have earned the prestigious USA Emergency Broadcasting Network’s seal of approval. 

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+1 #1 Gary Dougherty 2013-11-07 19:22
I received mine yesterday, they fit well, the lacing system is great. I'm looking forward to wearing on duty and see how they do.

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